mi-Fone 4x

Refreshingly unique

Some people believe, that a mobile device needs to be standard and should meet some norms that are expected so as to fit in. The trouble we have with that is that not everyone is the same, not everyone ‘fits in’ and to be honest, no one should have to. Why then should the tools you use everyday be the same as the others out there.

The mi-Fone 4x challenges the status quo and dares to put your needs first.

What to look out for

The mi-Fone 4x comes in a sleek design, with a great finish and a size that has been optimized to fit your usage habits. But that is not all, the mi-Fone 4x packs a powerful quad core processor and 8GB internal memory to ensure that you enjoy your experience to the maximum.

Most impressively, it comes with a 13MP, 180 degree rotating, camera.  The high quality of your photo remains consistent whether taking selfies or taking regular photos.

mi-Fone 4x