Superb setting, energized crowd electric performances. This is how we could describe the Shoe_Kran event. It was H_art The Band ‘s first live concert in Nairobi. The crowd of over 1000 adoring fans was not deterred by the chill or the mild showers. They were on their feet all night as they enjoyed a rich diversity of performances from rap, to spoken word to Afro-Neo soul music.

H_art The Band made up of 3 young men Wachira Gatama, AKA Chiira,  Kenneth Muya- AKA Kenchez and Mordecai Mwini- AKA ASAP came into the lime light about 2 years ago with their hit song Uliza Kiatu (Ask my shoes) . This may have inspired the name they used #Shoe_Kran, which is a play on word Shukrani which means Thanks in Kiswahili. The concert was held at The Alchemist in Westlands, Nairobi.

 To lovers of music, it was a night of pure artistic magic.

Fan love

Fans hold up love messages for the band

There was a rich exhibition of talent, from rap, spoken word and different genres of music, all that could be identified to have that unique ‘Kenyan Sound’. The crowd was on the dance floor the whole night dancing to some of their favorite music and they also discovered new music from upcoming artists.

Some of the other artists that performed that night were Kiu, Third Hand Music, Kuni Mbich, Benso and Abu sense, the evening was full of artistic music, soulful lyrics and words from the artistes on stage.

Dr. Ofweneke

Dr. Ofweneke, the MC of the night


Benso: He is not just H_art the bands talented guitarist, he is also a soulful voice


The 3 beautiful voices that make up KIU. This is a group to pay attention to, they are rising, fast

KUNI Mbicho

Kuni Mbichi: a Poet that delivers strong words in a powerful performance

Third Hand Music

Third Hand Music: A group to watch

IMG_4308 IMG_4298

H_Art The Band

H_art the Band’s First performance

IMG_4299 IMG_4255 IMG_4138



Lovely Attendee

A lovely attendee poses for the camera


The Concert attracted a beautiful crowd

Diverse crowd

It was a diverse crowd, fitting for the performances that night

Shoe_Kran merchandise

Did you get a H_art The Band t-shirt?

Red carpet

beauty on the red carpet

IMG_3984 IMG_3975

mi-Fone team

What did Adam and Daniel from the mi-Fone team think of the show?